Meet one of our fundraisers, Meaghan!

We are thankful for people who approach us with opportunities to raise awareness about Restorations and raise funds for us to open our first home. For Restorations to safely open without the risk of closing and re-traumatizing our residents, we require commitments of 3 years operational funding, that is $2,000,000 in commitments. This can come in a variety of ways including one-time donations and monthly supporters.

A few years ago, we met Meaghan Martin, founder of the annual Sleep Tight PJ Party. This past year, Meaghan asked Restorations if we would consider being the charity her event would fundraise for at this November’s PJ Party event. Having attended this party a couple of years back (and knowing how fun it is!) we gladly said YES! This year’s event will be on Thursday, November 15 at the Hacienda Sarria in Waterloo region. You can get your tickets through this link, and all proceeds go directly to Restorations.

We would love for you to meet Meaghan.

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Meaghan, how did you hear about Restorations? 

“Restorations was actually brought to my attention by a friend who had been sitting on the board at the time. She saw how it connected well with the work I was doing to raise awareness on human trafficking. I had already known about Walk with Me as that was one of the organizations I had supported in the first year of my campaign and I knew there was a connection between the two.” [Restorations’ Executive Director, Jennifer, used to work for Walk With Me which provided emergency, short-term housing and services to victims and survivors of trafficking.

How much did you know about human trafficking/sexual exploitation prior to hearing about Restorations’ work? 

“Back in late 2014, I attended a film screening for a documentary focusing on human trafficking. Here is where I learned from organizations such as Walk with Me that trafficking was happening in areas such as Hamilton and Toronto. It led to me starting a campaign to collect new pajamas to be given to victims who were brought into shelters and safe houses. It was a small way to send a message of comfort and hope during a difficult time. While running the campaign, I have learned how trafficking is happening in my own community of Waterloo Region and when Sleep Tight started, my goal was to also raise awareness on this issue happening in our backyards as well as educate our community on how to spot it and ways we can help. This year we are celebrating 5 years of Sleep Tight and our 5th annual PJ Party will be taking place on November 15th with all proceeds of ticket sales going to support Restorations’ work.”

When you heard about Restorations, what moved you the most?

“What moved me most was that they were doing what so many said they wanted to do – but they were actually getting it done! That not only are they working tirelessly to set up a home for women to be able to heal – but while in that process they are providing support and resources to help these women become survivors. They walk the talk and that is so important for me to see as I know it is for the women they are assisting.”

What compelled you to choose Restorations as this year’s Sleep Tight PJ Party charity to receive support?

Join us at this year’s Sleep Tight PJ Party! Get your tickets here.

“Sleep Tight has been able to support a variety of charities since its fruition, but what compelled me to choose Restorations was that they were directly working to combat human trafficking and help victims of commercial sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. There are very few groups like theirs working specifically in this area and very few actually working to provide a place of healing and growth so that these women can build a strong foundation for their futures. Though we have supported a variance of organizations who touch on trafficking, our main focus has and will remain on working to educate the public on human trafficking and its impacts on victims and who those victims are and can be. We want to ultimately get to the root of the cause and with Restorations we feel partnering with them points us in that direction.”

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What are your hopes for Restorations’ future?

“My hopes for Restorations would be to see their home that they have been working so hard on come together soon. That they can see the impact they are having on victims and how they are helping to provide opportunities for bright futures.”

“What moved me most was that they were doing what so many said they wanted to do – but they were actually getting it done! […] They walk the talk and that is so important for me to see as I know it is for the women they are assisting.”

If, like Meaghan, you are moved by the work we are doing to come alongside survivors on their journey towards healing and restoration, would you consider becoming a monthly partner?