Exciting News!

With excitement, Restorations Second Stage Homes announces a new partnership with the Reformed Church in America and the appointment of our inaugural Executive Director.

As of April 2017, Restorations has entered into a formal partnership with the Reformed Church in America’s (RCA) Global Mission. In relationship and through fundraising with RCA congregations, this partnership will provide financial support to hire an Executive Director. In hiring our first staff member, we will be able to move forward boldly in our plans to open a home for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. We are thankful to RCA Global Mission for recognizing the importance of the work we are doing to address the needs of those who are escaping commercial sexual exploitation! We look forward to connecting and building relationships with RCA congregations across Canada and the United States so together we can work to provide futures full of love, hope and restoration for the women who come to live in our home.

Subsequently, we are excited to announce that we have appointed Jennifer Lucking as our first Executive Director to be employed starting October 2017. Jennifer Lucking has been working with the Regional Synod of Canada (part of the Reformed Church in America) since 2013. As part of her role with the Regional Synod of Canada, she was one of the founding members of Restorations and has sat on our board since 2013. In this period of transition and exciting change, we were sad to accept her resignation from the Board of Directors last month, but we are thrilled to be appointing her as Executive Director.

In the first year, Jennifer will be responsible for developing policies, procedures, and protocols for clients; forming and developing essential program partnerships to provide wrap-around services for clients; developing policy and training manuals for staff and volunteers; and working with the board to continue capital fundraising to sustain operational costs of Restorations Second Stage Homes.

Jennifer’s employment will be dependent on funds and support raised through her missionary status with the Reformed Church in America Global Mission, but we are confident that her passion and heart for this work will be contagious and that – with your help – her role will be fully funded by October 2017!

To learn more about how to support Jennifer’s new role, please visit www.rca.org/lucking
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In Christ,

The Board of Directors
Restorations Second Stage Homes