Our Mission

Restorations stands for the truth that individuals are made perfectly and purposefully by God with the right to live free from exploitation and abuse. We will create a community that rejoices in each other’s uniqueness, restores physical, spiritual and mental well-being, and empowers individuals to step into their life’s purpose.

Our vision

Restorations exists to provide specialized, long-term, holistic care for the victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Canada. Our purposes are to address specific problems faced by victims of sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking and to contribute to their rehabilitation and reintegration in society by offering a long-term residential care program including counseling and other health and support services.

The Need

Across Canada, survivors, law enforcement, and social services emphasize the need for long-term residential support for victims of human trafficking. A lack of safe, specialized and supportive housing and residential programs is identified as one of the biggest barriers preventing victims from escaping exploitation. Without safe housing for this population, it is difficult to provide other supports that aid in recovery from trauma and abuse.

Our Work

Restorations is working to meet the need for safe, specialized and supportive housing for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. We are in the process of renovating a three-bedroom home in the Burlington area that will provide residential programming for survivors.

The core of our work will be building and nurturing trusting, long-term relationships between survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and staff, volunteers and the wider community in order to establish a foundation for recovery, healing, empowerment and success.

While we are in the process of opening our first home, we aim to provide encouragement and support to survivors. We work to develop opportunities for survivors who are living independently to participate in activities that are physically, mentally, socially and spiritually fulfilling.